Some mobile phones and tablets just take pictures in landscape mode, image rotation should be applied.

You can automatically rotate a picture, right after shooting

As of Version 1114 ( 02.01.2014, the following settings can be made 


Group  Parameter 


Camera Rotate 90


For older installations, the new parameter must be created manually




Incoming and outgoing calls can be saved as activities from version



  • The call-in number is registered for the customer (or mobile phone)
  • The format is e.g. + 41 27 999 99 99 or 027 999 99 99 (spaces are ignored)
  • The call duration exceeds the minimum defined in the settings

The call duration is rounded down to the minute, if the minute is not exceeded by more than 15 seconds, otherwise it is rounded up to the minute.


The following settings are possible


Group            Parameter         Value    Remark
PhoneCalls LastCallID 0 Last call ID
  CountryCode +41  +41 für die Schweiz (Vorzeichen für die Suche im Kundendatei)
  MinDuration 60 60 seconds, is standard value
Fare PhoneHourly 100 100.- / hour
  FareHourly 120 Fare hourly is used if  PhoneHourly is empy 



From Report / Notes screen you can send e-mail to you customer or backoffice


  • As attachement  , this is proposed if you do not define your e-mail account under Settings
  • As embedded images, in  this case the e-mail is send directly using your SMTP Settings



To send E-Mail direct from MobiBiz with Embedded Reports (not as an attachement), you have to define the settings for your company SMTP-Server :


Go to Settings , look for Email Group


Group  Parameter 


EMail   auth  "true"
  from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  password youpassword   (stored encrypted)
  port 587
  ssl empty or "ssl"
  starttls "true" or "false"
  username This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



It can also be done by the MobiBiz WEB-application while synchronizing.