MobiBiz DataEntry

Enter your work time. Expense, Opportunities, Orders entry

Mobibiz - is an application to track your time while you work. You can enter time. material, expenses related to customers, tasks, projects and objects. Business opportunities can also be entered. Your customers can sign your work reports. Mail your reports or synchronize your data with your backoffice .


Main screen Activities - use chronometers Electronic report
signed by customer


  Entering your activities according to your clients, projects (eg construction), objects, tasks
  Phone calls with your customers get registered as activities: Date/time, duration, costs for support, consulting.
  Material used - according to your activities, clients, projects (eg construction), objects, tasks
  Prepare a report - have the report signed on the screen
  Send report by E-Mail (embedded or attached) directly or trough synch.
  Take Pictures and add you hand notes on it
  Read barcodes of your products
  Task synchronization and recording events in the phone's calendar
  Import contacts from your phone
  Enter your business opportunitues - add photo of your contact card
  Synchronization for multiple smartphone and tablet with Web Server
  Web application allows you to manage the data in the office
  Connector to business management software WinBIZ (LGE™)
  Attractive: Smartphone are everywhere and Android tablets are available from many suppliers, from CHF 99.-


    MobiBiz DataEntry demo in available from our site
(free for 60 days, apk file to download on android)
  French, English, German,
, Portuguese, Chinese
    MobiBiz available on Google-Play   French, English, German,
, Portuguese, Chinese


  Screen Extra functionality
Customer Make a phone call, Send an e-mail , import from Contact
Project Create a list of objects to project, for ex: appartements to construction

Regular Task or Planned Tasks

Planned task save an event in Android Phone Calendar with reminder

Activity Enter activities (chronometer for : travel, pause, work) / manage your working time and travel time

The camera can be used as a barcode reader

Access to your product catalog

Expense A picture of your tickets kann be attached (camera interface) - Zoom and rotate
Opportunity Enter your contact data - take a picture of the business card - zoom and rotate

Make hand drawing
Take a photo, add a drawing on the photo, and textual notes

Send a signed reports as E-Mail

Checklists Edit checklists that are assigned to tasks
Import / Export

Compatible with Excel. Or for saving your data

Import Phone contacts


Local data synchronization with Internet (adding, modifying, deleting)

Synchronize many tablet or phone to a database

Sending pictures files

Available through subscription



Change language (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese)

Defines lists (dopdown lists)

Define your Mail Sever

Screen that are not used can be easely hidden (long press)

Optional features for companies

  • Companies can optionally synchronize many smartphones or tablets with their private Database. It's also backup your data.
  • Upload your Notes and pictures automatically
  • A connector to WinBiz from la LGE is available: interface with commerce or project.
  • Synchronise the local dabases (smartphone, or customer's application) with the main database: PHP/MySQL/XML all wide used standard.

WEB-Application WinBiz Interface - Import-Export