Internet Kiosk: public internet, advertising, digital signage

Windows 32 / 64 bits.- Windows 7- Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10
Version 3.0i. 16.10.2018
English, French, German, Spanish,
 Italienish, Portuguese, Chinese 

The small installer is not digitallly signed, please ingore the warning from Internet explorer, use Action Execute anyway


 Reference guide (pdf) Languages


Example of application at our customer
  • Squash and Tennis reservation for different sport center
  • Public city-library
  • Information point in a tourism's office
  • Display snow report, slope opening, rental fare, promotion vidéo in a sport shop
  • Order your meal in private hospital
  • Public internet access in a school
  • Cybercafé in hôtel and bar-restaurant
  • Guest computer in an holyday chalet
  • Publicity in a Windows. (Touch foil is available)



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  • Secure your Window Kiosk user's profile. Extra guide for Windows 7 available. For Digital signage, as an advertising system, running in full screen mode
  • Display Internet or local pages, vidéos (youtube, flv, real, media player, divx, quicktime), photos slide show , support for different media player
  • Graphical planning to organize the diffusion of information at various times , with repeation.
  • Carousel /  with webpage or multi-media content with tree like hierarchy, for random and linear page following
  • Automatic switching to full screen for advertising
  • News ticker, for predined text or RSS feeds
  • Automatic vertical scrooling of internet pages
  • Integrated database , support for networking, remote administraition, or MySQL
  • Multiple layout, for example for winter/summer or to display different region in a tourist office

For cyber cafés

  • Secure PC access, windows blocker, domain blocking, controls downloads, block special keys / keyboard filtering
  • User management, to manage credit and time
  • Interface to money checker (EMP 800 USB, or ccTalk compatible, or with Relay output)
  • Print value coupons with free choice of time/value and expiration date
  • USB or Disk key detection, download path redirected to USB keys
  • Log with usage information
  • Journal with daily incomes, Journal automatically sent as an e-mail
  • Able to control/starts/close application like skype, live-messenger, office applications, openOffice
  • Clear History on logout 
  • Display printing costs before printing occurs, credit then removed .


Description Prices (CHF) Shop online
Software full version for each PC, with coin-check interface & credit management. Manage 2 displays 199.- / PC
Software light version for each PC, secured browser, digital signage 159.- /PC
Planification option, for each administrator PC(s)

Add 50.- / unique
(+44 €)

Totem Viper Terminal , Information point terminal with Touch screen 22"

from 1499.-

Touch film for interactive Windows - all size available


Mini PC for hotel / internet café / Screen 19" - with Software light installed  Ask
Touch PCs All-in-One - hardware only - MSI, Asus, Lenovo, ...