Kiosk Software - Software for public internet displays

Interactiv solution for public usage of internet

New Release with Edge/chrome base browser component

As a Kiosk Software, it 's not only displaying information, but also allows for interaction. It's a effective solution to communicate with you customer. In a public place, it allows your customer to access to free information published on internet.

During pause, it will display a diaporama of web pages, pictures, video to enhance your customer experience. It's an ideal advertising system. Also support for dual-display. 

Fonctionnaly et applications 

Functions   Applications   Platforms
WEB contents delivery   Public libraries   Info terminal
Fotos Slideshow   Information network   Touch screen terminal
Videos (youtube, media player, mp4)   Events   Interactive windows
Publicity carousel   Exhibition -Museums   Public computers
WEB page scrooling   Tourism    
Planning to deliver content   Hotel and clinics   Cybercafé - Internet café     
Multi-sites with MySQL database   Leisure appartement   - Secure your PC
Layout Designer (skin editor)   Campings   - Save your privacy
Digital Signage   School - university   - Credit management
Dual display     - Print costs management     
  Sports places reservation
Put your message where it matters!
Digital signage technology can drastically change and improve the way your company interacts and communicates with your customers, alllowing you to deliver personalised, instantly updatable messages when and where they are at their most effective – all whilst reducing your costs and increasing your revenues at the same time!

Windows 32 / 64 bits.- Windows 7 - Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10
Version - 14.02.2024

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese, Chinese 

Required software to install first:

Microsoft WebView2 Developer Evergreen Release

Installation software is digitally signed by Dupuis Informatique / approved by Certum


Example of applications

  • Public PCs or Interactive Kiosk with touch screen
  • For cyber-café, hotels, ski ressorts, school and public librairies, museums : it will secure access to PC, manage the usage of USB keys or disks. Any unwanted windows can be detected and closed. Interface to Coin-Checker built-in.
  • For Tourismus offices , at the information desk or behind a windows (digital signage). It displays a slide show of internet pages, pictures and videos. It will vertically scrool internet pages automatically.
  • For advertising - digital signage
Industry sectors that are discovering the incredible benefits of digital signage solutions include:
Media / Advertising, Retail, Banking & Finance, Travel & Tourism, Telecoms, Hospitality, Healthcare, Lottery & Betting, Government, Fast Food, Post, Exhibition Centres, Advertising/Multimedia, Museums, Insurance, Gaming & Leisure, HR/Intranet, Franchising, Education, Malls/Facilities Management.