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Raspberry Pinger

Network Connection Monitoring on Raspberry Pi- Pinger Software

  • NEWS : Delivered on Raspberry 4 - the Raspberry 4 as a true Gigabits interface and dual-band Wifi
  • Server and equipment monitoring, network diagnostics
  • Allows monitoring of multiple Hosts or IP addresses.
  • Monitor WEB services or sites, via http or https requests, measure response time
  • Choice of interface, ethernet or wifi, to use for each of the hosts to monitor.
  • Ideal for diagnosing LAN or WiFi network interruptions, thanks to multi-day monitoring 24h / 24h
  • Sending alerts by e-mail and/or with SMS (API 3G/LTE Huawei)
  • Scan function to search for hosts, open ports (nmap)
  • Speed test, scheduled Speed test and graphical results
  • Can save multiple configuration on the administration page

Price with Pi4, Debian 10 + software suite "pinger" installed: 169.-  


  • Python software for Raspberry Pi or Asus TinkerBoard
  • Web Interface Configuring IPs, viewing results
  • Various settings possible
  • Interrogation of protocols over several days
  • Internet remote control for remote access to current statistics and protocols
  • Android App to use remote control
  • Sending a report by automatic e-mail (Scheduler)
  • Automatic Speed Test (with Scheduler) 


  • Raspberry Pi4 with 16GB micro-SD card, Debian 10 (Buster), Web  (Apache 2)
  • Software suite installed and configured

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Your online booking manager for Tennis court, sports surfaces, any reserved spaces

With, you have simple and user-friendly solutions adapted to each configuration of clubs or sports centers.

For public information terminals, free of use for club-members, plugin uses our sotware solution for Internet and information kiosks. The computer and kiosk are secured and protected against manipulation.

The Access control to the court hast been also developed in collaboration with plugin for seamless operation. It use modern contact less technology to open doors to, garderobe and sports surfaces, coworking spaces, even with your phone (NFC enabled). A remote control allows the club office to open any door using internet.


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Totem Slim Touch

Information point terminal, public internet and digital signage

Touchscreen 17,19 ou 22", computer integrated.

  • Available with 17", 19", and 22" (19/22 as wide screen)
  • Small reduced power ITX computer on board
  • Processorr Intel G3220 (3GHz), intel i3, i5 or i7
  • Memory 2, 4 opr 8GB, S-ATA 500 GB or SSD 128, 256 GB
  • Options : RAL color, special color, metal keyboard, Wifi
  • Software option: Public internet Kiosk Software, with automatic virtual keyboard

Our kiosk software available in German / French / Italian / Spanish / English / Chinese

Flyer (pdf, french) 

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Interactive kiosks and tables

Touchscreen Terminals for information point, public Internet and digital signage

  • Touch screen and integrated PC with an elegant support, interactive table, display advertising.

We offer various kiosk models for al kind of applications:

Modele Z - display 21.5" 1920x1080 pixels - infrared touchscreeen - IntelG3260 dual core - 2GB - SATA 500GB - steel feet.
Various colors and options available (4G, 8G, SSD, I3, i5, i7, RFID...)
Modèle A  - Advertising Touch Display - Indoor - Ecran 43" - 109cm (43", 49" ou 55") - black - silver edge. integrated computer (Intel, Windows ou Linux)
Modèle B - Advertising (-Touch) Display - Indoor  - 43", 49", 55" ou 65" - Intel  (Windows) or Quad Core ARM (Android 5.1) - Also USB player
Various interactive tables, game tables for kids, also with Android
Modèle K - Kiosk interactif - display 21.5" Full-HD 1920*1080 pixels ( 17" to 42" ) - IntelG3260/3.0GHZ/Dual core - 2GB - SATA 500 GB -  steel construction - option Intel 4GN, 8GB,  i3, i5 , SSD, RFID, Win 7, 10 ..

Comes with integrated screen and computer. Price according to options.

(no delivery without computer or screeen)

Project sample: