Raspberry Pinger

Network Connection Monitoring on Raspberry Pi- Pinger Software

  • NEWS : Delivered on Raspberry 4 - the Raspberry 4 as a true Gigabits interface and dual-band Wifi
  • Server and equipment monitoring, network diagnostics
  • Allows monitoring of multiple Hosts or IP addresses.
  • Monitor WEB services or sites, via http or https requests, measure response time
  • Choice of interface, ethernet or wifi, to use for each of the hosts to monitor.
  • Ideal for diagnosing LAN or WiFi network interruptions, thanks to multi-day monitoring 24h / 24h
  • Sending alerts by e-mail and/or with SMS (API 3G/LTE Huawei)
  • Scan function to search for hosts, open ports (nmap)
  • Speed test, scheduled Speed test and graphical results
  • Can save multiple configuration on the administration page

Price with Pi4, Debian 10 + software suite "pinger" installed: 169.-  


  • Python software for Raspberry Pi or Asus TinkerBoard
  • Web Interface Configuring IPs, viewing results
  • Various settings possible
  • Interrogation of protocols over several days
  • Internet remote control for remote access to current statistics and protocols
  • Android App to use remote control
  • Sending a report by automatic e-mail (Scheduler)
  • Automatic Speed Test (with Scheduler) 


  • Raspberry Pi4 with 16GB micro-SD card, Debian 10 (Buster), Web  (Apache 2)
  • Software suite installed and configured

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