Your online booking manager for Tennis court, sports surfaces, any reserved spaces

With, you have simple and user-friendly solutions adapted to each configuration of clubs or sports centers.

For public information terminals, free of use for club-members, plugin uses our sotware solution for Internet and information kiosks. The computer and kiosk are secured and protected against manipulation.

The Access control to the court hast been also developed in collaboration with plugin for seamless operation. It use modern contact less technology to open doors to, garderobe and sports surfaces, coworking spaces, even with your phone (NFC enabled). A remote control allows the club office to open any door using internet.


Protected internet kiosk - metal keyboard with optional Wifi - and Kiosk software - provided by Dupuis Informatique


Some of our clients

  • Municipality of Meyrin, sports center cs-Maisonnex
  • Tennis Club Bulle
  • Montchoisi Tennis Club (Lausanne)
  • TC Montreux
  • TC Valère (Sion)
  • TC Grône
  • TC Mies-Tannay
  • TC Crans-Céligny
  • TC Veysonnaz (Skicard accepted)
  • TC Bagnes (Skicard accepted)
  • TC Anière
  • TC Meinier (Geneva)
  • TC Onex (Geneva)
  • TC Anières
  • Tennis Parc Lausanne
  • Basket 3x3 Lausanne

Our software for information terminals and interactive stations is used in particular:

  • Cyber café
  • Clinics
  • Restaurant - Cafeterias
  • Schools and Higher Education
  • Tourism
  • Sports shop

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